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  • jeremy camp -

    jeremy camp: stay
    his style is alternative, which totally rocks my world, i like to play it LOUD. the words are wrapped with passion & the lyrics are honest on all levels, from struggle & anger to pure faith. the kind of music that awakens.

  • aaron shust -

    aaron shust: anything worth saying
    number 2 & number 9, please. the booklet that comes with this cd is so, so revealing into aaron's it!

  • weezer -

    weezer: blue album
    revisiting this classic from my high school collection. fun fun album...their best in my opinion!

  • shawn mcdonald -

    shawn mcdonald: simply nothing
    gravity has been a favorite since matt spoke to me & continues to move me now

  • jack johnson -

    jack johnson: brushfire fairytales
    recently purchase my 2nd copy of this after matt's couldn't get through my favorite inaudible melodies any longer

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Amy Betz Abadie

Hey Lindey. I remember the side pony tail thing. My mother HATED when I would sport it. I should have listened to her! Anyway, your post about BB cracked me up--Noah is playing BB for the third year and I, like you, don't know too much about it but I am learning. BTW I am checking your blog WAY TOO often. Thanks for bringing a smile to my day!


Sounds like fun! WOO HOO! Love the nickname side-ponytail, brings me back to the HS days!!


there is nothing more fun than a basketball game, and nothing more fun than winning!GO PARKLANE!


you linked me to your blog...I feel so honored (and stressed to get creative cause I can in NO WAY compare to yours!) I'm trying to figure out a way to be there for your scraplift class...maybe I can SNEAK away from work!

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