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Right you it to the end and again. I thought I had already posted a note...guess it is in cyperspace. You did a great job calming Ben. My heart hurts thinking about how scared you both were. Lesson the ER next time!

Barbara Herring

I may be late but I read the WHOLE thing. Boy, I know how that feels--to have a sick baby and feel helpless. (And I know that five isn't really a baby but to a Mom--maybe) You're a good Mom and you'll both be fine. btw, I love the "wicked" layout!!


Well, I must say I would have been scared to death myself. Isn't funny how we can be falling apart inside and stay calm on the outside for their sake. I know that is so scary for Ben and I think that you have done the right thing to prepare him for the ER visit next time ahead of time. I hope the benster is feeling better now and you too. Know that I pray for you everyday, but will add a extra one for you this week!


Oh how terrible! Great quick thinking on your part for taking him outside! Ben, you are such an amazing BIG little boy. Your parents are so lucky to have you and you are one lucky big boy to have them!

btw, :( don't make promises about no shots...I learned the hard way w/ Sam not so long ago. I still cry when I think about it. Sad thing is...I really, really, really belived there was no way he would need a shot and that's the FIRST thing Dr. Austin told Dr. Larkin to do when he called and told him what was up w/ my little man.

I curious about the "sleeve" you wrote about. I got a funny looking little mask to go w/ Sam's nebulizer and he HATES it! He'd rather chew on the mouth piece and I know he's not taking deep breaths like he should.

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