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Good enough to buy the album

  • jeremy camp -

    jeremy camp: stay
    his style is alternative, which totally rocks my world, i like to play it LOUD. the words are wrapped with passion & the lyrics are honest on all levels, from struggle & anger to pure faith. the kind of music that awakens.

  • aaron shust -

    aaron shust: anything worth saying
    number 2 & number 9, please. the booklet that comes with this cd is so, so revealing into aaron's it!

  • weezer -

    weezer: blue album
    revisiting this classic from my high school collection. fun fun album...their best in my opinion!

  • shawn mcdonald -

    shawn mcdonald: simply nothing
    gravity has been a favorite since matt spoke to me & continues to move me now

  • jack johnson -

    jack johnson: brushfire fairytales
    recently purchase my 2nd copy of this after matt's couldn't get through my favorite inaudible melodies any longer

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Lindey're all too sweet :o) Thanks so much guys! made me smile :o)

(and amy...I've actually sent in for 2 calls in the past month or so--I'm not being active to them, but if I have something on hand I take the time to email it, so we'll see...there is just a huge amount of talent out there, ya know?)


I think that I just may have to scraplift this one. Love it!!


Great one. I love the BIG heart.

Amy Betz Abadie

Lindey, girl, you continue to amaze me with your artistic talent. All of the mags are certainly missing out for not having you in them--you need to submit, submit, submit! You deserve more publishing!

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